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Welcome to Uinta Outdoor Company

If you’re here, odds are pretty good that you have already discovered the power of nature in your life. You want your kids to ride the wave with you and develop a love for the outdoors that will last a lifetime. That’s our hope too: your kids and ours growing up with a powerful connection to the natural world. Kids that grow up healthier and happier. Kids that become sage stewards of our planet.

We built Uinta Outdoor Company with one simple mission: get people outside and connecting with nature. Our camps and classes have been carefully designed to get your child exploring and learning while experiencing the beautiful mountain ecosystem in our own backyard.

We currently offer outdoor based Multi-Day Summer Camps for Kids.

Outdoor based weekly classes and one day camps/clinics for a variety of ages are in the works and coming soon.

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You know you feel better after you spend time in nature. But did you know that there are both physical and mental benefits to spending time outside? It's awesome that studies are supporting what we've always felt about going outside.

Check out the science that backs up what you already know.

We are passionate about what we do and truly believe that spending time outdoors will change lives for the better. Our mission is to provide impactful experiences that make accessing the power of nature a simple and sustainable part of your life.

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Collage of pics from traveling: Arches Nt Park, Oregon coast, Machu Picchu, Smith and Morehouse, Crater Lake, Zion, Yosemite, Bryce, the Alps
  • The Outdoors Have Always Been part of Our Story

    Our best childhood memories were spent exploring red rock deserts, slot canyons, snowy slopes, and pine filled forests. As we grew, our adventures did too. From the highlands of Scotland, to the Alps, Andes, and many of the mountains in between, we’ve made footprints in some beautiful wild spaces.
  • After roaming both near and far,

    we’ve found that when it comes to nature, the miles don’t seem to matter. There’s power that comes from being outside; you can feel it everywhere and anywhere—you just have to take that first step out the door.
  • Now we're grown..

    with children of our own, and want to make sure that nature is an integral part of their stories too. So it was an easy decision to kick off our offerings with our Summer Camp Program for Kids. Looking ahead, we are equally stoked to expand our offerings to people of all ages. Because we all need to carve out room in our lives for wild spaces.
  • When we connect with nature, everyone wins.

    We built Uinta Outdoor Company to provide simple, impactful experiences in nature, and get folks outside.
    Learn how UOC all started with a Trip to the Planetarium

Uinta Outdoor Company Staff

Meet the Crew

  • Michelle Liegert UOC Founder

    Trail Name: Wonka

    Michelle is a life-long outdoor adventurer with a background in education, youth camps, photography, and graphic design. She loves hanging on the trail with her family and new adventures of any size.

  • Ben Liegert UOC Founder

    Trail Name: Scout

    Ben is a modern day mountain man that is perfectly happy spending days on end off the grid. Ben's background lies in community programs and outdoor spaces. He stays busy camping, fly fishing, mountain biking, and golfing.

The driving force behind everything we do.

Our Mission

  • Unplug

    Unplug and recharge outdoors every day.

  • Access

    Increase access to nature and wild spaces.

  • Explore

    Experience all the outdoor wonders both big and small.

  • Connect

    Build a community with an impactful relationship with nature.