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Camper's Code

Your child is constantly learning and growing from their environment. We are here to provide a safe positive space where your Camper’s days can be filled with adventure, laughs, learning, friends, and hopefully lots of dirt! When your child is at camp they are part of a team and it takes all of us doing our part to create an enjoyable and secure camp experience for the whole team.

Please read the Camper Agreement below carefully and make sure your child understands what is expected of them at camp. Anyone that registers for our camps is agreeing to follow the Camper Code.


    I understand that spending time in mountain terrain can be dangerous and that safety rules must be followed. I will listen to Camp Leader and Camp Counselors instructions and follow them. If I do not understand instructions, I will ask questions. If I have a question or problem with instructions, I will ask for help. I will always stay with my Camp Group, including Camp Leader, Camp Counselors, and other Campers. I will not wander off trails or out of bounds during Camp Activities. If I am separated from my Camp Group, I will stay exactly where I am and call out for help/use a safety whistle to help my Camp Leader locate me. I will wait for Camp Leader to find me so that I do not wander and get lost in the Uinta backcountry.

    I will be kind and respect the rights of the people around me; this includes other Campers in my Camp Group, Camp Leaders, and other hikers. I will be respectful in how I talk and act towards others. I understand that bullying, physical abuse, and sexual harassment or abuse are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If I experience any inappropriate behavior from others, I know that I can go to my Camp Leader for help. 

    I will be a good friend to the environment and the wildlife that call it home. I will tread lightly and pack out everything that I pack in, including trash and single use items. I will not destroy habitats, trees, or plants. I will keep a safe distance away from any wildlife I may encounter and will not harm animal or plant life in any way. I will be respectful of other’s property and treat it with care. I will not take anything that doesn’t belong to me.
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IF the Camper Code Is Broken...

After the first occurrence our Staff will meet with the parents and communicate the situation. Typically, campers will have a second chance to try again at camp. A second infraction will prohibit campers from finishing the camp, no refund. 

If the safety and well being of other campers or staff are at risk, we reserve the right to remove a camper from our camps immediately even without prior history of breaking our Camper Agreement, no refund. We also reserve the right to bar unsafe campers from registration in future camps/classes/clinics.