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HipCamping in Bellevue

Last fall we had a bucket list camping trip planned. We were heading up to Red Fish Lake in Idaho and couldn’t wait to hit the road. My husband is the adventure planner at our house so he had the itinerary all set and in September we scampered off into new territory. 

sunflower garden

Our kids are still youngish and so we like to mosey at a slower pace and often split longer distances up over two days staying at a midpoint in between. The first stop on our trip was at Kraay’s Market and Garden HIP Camp in Bellevue, ID.

boy hopping fence in campsite
green field with mountains in the distance


If you’re like me, then you are new to the idea of HIPCamping and this post is for you! If you’re like my husband and always in the loop, then I won’t be unlocking any secrets for you today (unless you find yourself in the Bellevue or Sun Valley area, then we’ve found a HIP gem for you and you’re welcome). 

HIPCampsites are privately owned pieces of land that take bookings for camping, kind of like an VRBO or AirBNB but for RV and tent sites.

Cost and amenities differ depending on the listing, just like any other booking site so make sure the specific HIPCampsite you’re eyeing has what you need before you book.

We were traveling with our trailer this trip and knew in advance that Kraay’s didn’t have any hook-ups so we were prepared to boondock for our stay. We came ready for both the heat during the day and cooler temps at night.

kids walking down dirt path on farm

Kraay’s Market and Garden is located on the most beautiful farm and the grounds are completely open to their guests. You can harvest vegetables from the garden, visit the farm animals, and purchase local produce, meat, and honey. They have a natural trail that follows the perimeter of their land that is perfect for a morning walk with breathtaking views.

brown goat

We had a great stay and the hosts were so accommodating. We’d planned to head up to Red Fish Lake after our one night at the HIP Camp but after the hosts checked in on us they let us know about a possible road closure on our route due to a wildfire. We were able to adjust our plans before we set out, switched to plan B, and headed over to West Yellowstone instead. They saved us a huge disappointment and hours on the road.

greenhouse with garden vegetables

REI partners with HIP Camp and will occasionally run promotions where REI Members get a discount on their bookings. Keep an eye out if you’re looking to try out HIP Camping. Our stay at Kraay’s Market was our first time HIP Camping but it most definitely won’t be our last. We can’t wait for our next HIP Camp adventure.

Happy Trails!


By Michelle Liegert

HipCamping in Bellevue