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How to keep kids happy outside no matter the weather

girl hiking on boardwalk path in mountain valley

When you live at 6,500 ft the weather can be a little extreme. Case in point, this winter we’ve had at least some snow for 6 consecutive months. It’s not always so unrelenting, but in years when winter won’t quit you don’t blink or you’ll miss spring before it jumps right into some intense summer heat.

So we’ve learned a thing or two about getting gear for our kids that holds up. Gear that makes not just getting outside, but staying outside so much easier. We’re sharing our proven tips that will help you keep your kids happy outside no matter the weather.

Tip 1: The Right Gear Makes Everybody Cheer

First things first, invest in some good quality gear— even for your kids (especially for your kids). We know that might be a little hard to swallow when they are growing out of everything so quickly, but hear us out. Better gear usually pays for itself, lasting through multiple kids and even holding some value for selling on Yard-Sale pages when they’re done with it. And because it keeps them more comfortable when they’re out, they stay out longer and go out more so the cost per wear is less than cheaper options.

Most companies offer steep discounts when they are making room for their the new season’s lineup. You can score good quality gear for near the same price as the cheaper lower performing stuff when you shop off-season. Second hand is also a great option for saving your wallet.

You might have an outdoor brand that you know you love and that’s great. We are not here to try to change anyone’s mind, but we have purchased from a slew of different brands and can tell you that there are a lot of great options out there at a variety of price points. Specific brands usually don’t matter as much as getting the features you are looking for. Determine what your needs are and then scout out multiple companies for the best value. 

Good gear really is worth the investment. You’ll start seeing the benefits when your kids go outside more and stay outside longer.

Tip 2: Layers are Your Best Friend 

Weather is constantly changing and packing the right layers can keep you comfortable no matter the conditions. Here are a few basic layers we will always make sure to have in our kids’ kits. 

Guide for layering in warm or cold weather

Tip 3: Keep Their Feet Happy

Feet that are dry, supported, and just the right temperature are happy feet and will literally take you far. Good footwear is worth every penny even for rapidly growing feet. Make sure your kiddos have at least one supportive and comfortable pair of closed toed shoes with good traction that can stand up to hiking, running, and playing. For colder, wetter temps, make sure your kids have rain boots, snow boots, or both depending on where you live. Boots should be water-proof and easy to maneuver in. Bonus-points if they are easy on-off.

child's feet balancing on log in rainboots

Getting your kids out the door every day can be tricky, but it gets significantly easier if they are comfortable when they get out there. Good gear can be a powerful ally and make everyone’s lives a little easier.

By Michelle Liegert

How to keep kids happy outside no matter the weather